Efficient LED Driver for Garden Lights Protect your outdoor LED lights from sudden power surges and fluctuations with an LED Driver.
This driver is waterproof with an IP67 rating, making it suitable for outdoor settings.
It is built with a provision for hook or screw, which can be utilised in securing it in place—whether mounted on a wall or fixed on the ground.
EFFICIENT- Maintains a 12V DC constant voltage and manages fluctuations SAFE – Designed to protect connected LED units from short circuits, overloads, and over temperature WATERPROOF – IP67 rated, suitable for outdoor and garden applications CONVENIENT – Flex & plug included PEACE OF MIND – Backed with a 2-year manufacturer replacement warranty Driver can be used: At full load capacity by connecting all cables to one terminal block With any combination of split cables (as long as the minimum and maximum loads are adhered to) NOTE: FULL load capacity CANNOT be connected to one cable Specifications Dimensions: 182mm x 30mm x 20mm (L x W x H) Current: 2.5A Wattage: 30W Load: 3-24W Min.
load per cable: 3W Max.
load per cable: 24W Output Voltage: 12V DC Input Voltage: 170-265V AC 50/60Hz AC Current: 0.15A/240V AC Efficiency: > 82% Protections: Short circuit/overload/over temperature Ambient Temp: -30 to 50°C Flex & Plug: Included IP Rating: IP67 SAA Compliance: SAA-192361-EA 100% full load burn-in test Must be installed by a licensed electrician.
Installation instructions sheet is provided in the product box.