High-Speed HDMI with Ethernet Cable – 4K Compatible This HDMI cable is the highest quality you can buy, and it is built to last.
Unlike many HDMI cables, its thick insulation is designed to be durable enough for in-wall installation, which makes it perfect for home theatre and projector set-ups.
It’s the ultimate choice for superior digital audio and video signal transfers.
Do not leave it to your electrician to source your cables at their local supplier—this is the best quality and price per metre you will get.
FUTURE PROOF – Supports all the latest video and audio systems and HD game consoles DATA-READY – Includes ethernet channel support, meaning you do not need an additional data cable for your Internet, smart TV, or compatible game console; plus, it’s 24K gold plated to ensure the highest quality data transfer VIVID QUALITY – Supports 3D TV, 1080p (full HD), and 4K (ultra HD and Blu-ray definition).
You will get highly accurate and vivid pictures—great for movies and family photos! THICK INSULATION – Durable, perfect for in-wall home theatre and projector installation ALL-IN-ONE – Does audio (from and to TV), video, and data—requiring a lot fewer cables and saving on installation costs.
CLUTTER-FREE – It takes all the work used to be done by multiple cables, giving you a cleaner and safer way to arrange your wires; the simpler your wiring set-ups are, the better Specifications Length: 5m Type: High Speed with Ethernet 3D Support?: Yes 4K Support?: Yes Corrosion-resistant 24K gold contacts Heavy-duty internal dual strain relief High-density triple-layer shielding Large-gauge high-purity copper conductors Precision wound double helix construction Nitrogen gas-injected dielectric Protective jacket