Suburban SW6DRA Hot Water System – 203L Direct Spark LPG The new line of Suburban RV water heaters is the best on the road today! Their high recovery gas and gas-electric models come in sizes and with features to match the requirements of almost any RV Its high tensile steel tanks are porcelain-lined and pressure tested twice during the manufacturing process, ensuring tank integrity and reliability Automatic models in the Suburban range feature direct spark ignition with a remote switch that electronically controls the water heater from inside your RV – a simple convenience, especially in poor weather conditions Dont allow your water heater to let you down whilst travelling, ask your RV Dealer to install a longer lasting, robust and intelligent Suburban RV water heater today! Features: Faster Recovery Fast recovery means more hot water and fewer cool water cycles Suburban uses a copolymer insulation jacket specially moulded to fit the tank which does a better job of retaining heat than some other models More Convenience All Suburban water heaters are designed for easy installation, operation and maintenance The limit switch, reset button and on/off electric element rocker switch are conveniently located in a housing behind the removable outer door The electric heat element and combination drain plug/anode rod are also located there Longer Life Heated water attacks all metals, but not porcelain Thats why Suburban uses a porcelain-lined, steel water heater tank with an anode rod to absorb the electrolytic action – just like your water heater at home Regulation Compliant Suburban Water Heaters carry the following approvals: WaterMark Certification Australia and New Zealand Gas Safety Certification Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) NOTE: This product is a gas appliance that must be installed by a qualified and licenced gas fitter to the current Australian Standard Failure to do so will void the warranty and may pose a health and safety risk