This high end hand-made 304 grade sanitary stainless steel kitchen sink from Brienz has a superior 1.2mm thickness and includes a Watermark waste so it is ready to install. It can be installed as an under-mount or top-mount sink (all fixtures provided). It is completely sound baffled to ensure noise is minimised, and undercoated to insulate the water temperature. This product can take up to 3 business days to despatch. Superior construction Commercial grade – Unlike poorly constructed hand-made sinks that are only 0.8mm thick this Brienz Cube sink is 1.2mm thick and hand-made from 304 grade sanitary grade electropolished stainless steel. Sound-proofed -Sound pads on the underside of the sink prevent undue noise from water and pots and pans hitting steel.  This tested method of sound-baffling is important in domestic households to allow functionality without undue noise. Insulated undercoat – an undercoat layer over the sound padding helps to properly maintain the temperature of the water in the sink. This undercoat also reduces water condensation that could lead to damage to your cabinetry.  This is a difference you will not find with cheaper sinks. Hand made – Brienz sinks are not moulded – they are steel panels joined with the latest technology to make a sink that no moulding machine can make.  The result is an industrial design with the desired 90 degree angles, deep geometric bowls, and perfect finish.   Deep bowl –  the deeper squarer commercial style bowl allows more water volume, and a mre practical and functional sink for cleaning larger pots and getting busy in the sink.  If you are an active home chef you need a hand-made square style-sink like this. Easy to clean – the rounded corners make the sink easy to clean.  It’s a softer look without compromising the sharp design of a hand-made Brienz sink.  The electropolished sanitary grade hardened 304 steel is a non-porous metal that means it is easy to clean – that is why it is chosen for commercial, hospital and restaurant installations.