A semi-frameless shower screen is the ultimate luxury in any modern bathroom.
Providing uncluttered lines and an ultra clean design, a semi-frameless shower screen offers a spacious and contemporary look and can easily be installed into any pre-existing shower space.
Why put up with thick and ugly shower frames when you can ditch the excessive material and enhance your bathroom today! Features and Specifications: Meets Australian Standards AS/NZS 2208:1996 Safety Glass Technology – similar to a car windshield, this strong and safe toughened safety glass with only break with extreme force Stainless Steel Hardware – All brackets are made from polished stainelss steel that wont allow for rust or chips Easy to Clean – with a simple design like this, it leaves no crevices for mould and bacteria to grow Flexible Adjustment range for installation – making it easy to install into pre-existing spaces or against imperfect walls Complete water seal system – the magentic seals included guarantee no risk of leaking Modern and timeless - The luxurious pair of chrome handles will turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa