Features Stainless steel anchor for the highest corrosion resistance Cost effective Cold formed body ensures consistent dimensional accuracy Embedment depth markings ensure precise installation of anchor Design allows drilling and installing directly through the fixture and helps to reduce installation effort Applications Suitable for reduced embedment to avoid contact with reinforcement Specifications Complies with ETA Option 7 high performance in non-cracked concrete Approvals and Reports – Stainless, A4: ETA-12/0384; ETAG 001-2, Option 7 (non-cracked concrete) Approvals and Reports – Zinc Plated: ETA-08/0339; ETAG 001-2, Option 7 (non-cracked concrete) and AT-15-9327/2014 (non-cracked concrete) Approvals and Reports – Hot Dipped Galvanised: AT-15-9326/2014 (non-cracked concrete) . Finish: Galvanised. Length mm: 220. Size mm: 16. Unit: EACH.