This Protege Solar Powered Pond Fountain Kit adds a perfect touch of tranquility to your garden without the need for electricity, for hassle-free and safe automated operation.
This complete set includes a Premium Eco Filter houses the water pump and provides biological filtration for your water, as well as being a barrier for debris.


It includes a spike for installation and can be positioned up to 5 metres away to automatically power the water fountain pump each day.


Protege are leaders in pump technology and the advanced 10W DC brushless design ensures efficient and reliable operation.
The shaft height can be adjusted to best suit the depth of your pond.
Two premium spray pattern nozzles are included and 1.5m in delivery height can be achieved in full sunlight.


The pump sits securely in the innovative filter box that has a chamber for biochemical balls that together promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, while at the same time cleaning your pond of harmful bacteria such as ammonia and nitrate.
The 2 stage filtration system extends the life of your pump by preventing any debris from entering the unit.

Create a beautiful calming focal point in your garden with this impressive water feature while you give a little help to the environment.