Projecta 12V Automatic 16A 6 Stage Battery Charger, 1 Year Warranty. Fully adjustable, the PC1600 is the ideal all-rounder for the home professional. Features: Adjustable Output: Suitable for a wide range of different size batteries Calcium Mode: Adjusts the charging profile to suit calcium batteries Rejuvenation Mode: Revitalises tired batteries, increasing battery life and performance (subject to battery condition) Side Mounting Wings: Optional mounting wings for permanent installation Safer Charging: Spark free and polarity protected Rejuvenation: An optional stage that breaks down sulphation and revitalises the battery cells, increasing battery life and performance. Calcium mode: Adjusts the charging profile to suit calcium batteries for complete charging. Adjustable output: Adjusts the output to suit different battery sizes for optimum charging. LiFePO4 batteries: Suitable for charging lithium iron phosphate batteries as long as Rejuvenation mode and Calcium mode are NOT selected. 6 Stage Automatic Charging: Pro-Charge uses 6 stage charging to deliver a fully automatic charge that is suitable for use on automotive, calcium, marine and deep cycle batteries. The 6 stages of charging maximise the battery life and increase battery performance compared to a traditional 2 stage battery charger. Sophisticated electronic monitoring reduces charging time to deliver a professional result.