There’s no question that pressure cleaning can yield impressive results, but dealing with things like tangled or kinked garden hoses can make it feel like a real chore! Plus, power cords may not reach where you want them, and adding extension cords where there’s water is not ideal.
With Baumr-AG’s innovative BX350 Cordless Lithium pressure washer you can say goodbye to these issues once and for all!

With cordless convenience, you have the freedom to take on tasks anywhere in your yard, or in fact, anywhere you want to take advantage of on-demand water spray of 400 PSI.
This makes it ideal for washing cars and boats, cleaning surfaces like decking and fences and giving mountain bikes or camping gear a clean at the end of your outing.
You can draw water from any container at 3 litres per minute, or you can also use sources like a pool, thanks to the filtered hose.

And that’s not all, the BX350 takes a 20V SYNC range battery which conveniently also fits a wide range of garden and workshop tools.

Buy Smart – Buy a Baumr-AG.