Decorative Stainless Steel Outdoor Lighting The LED bollard light is both a beautiful and convenient addition to the exterior design of your property.
The stainless steel finish allows for it to add a modern touch to your landscapes and pathways.
It has a 500mm height that is focused in making it easier for you to find your way outside your house at night.
It just needs to be mounted to a solid outdoor surface such as a sturdy timber decking or a concrete path.
Premium Quality LED Bollard Light DUST TIGHT AND FULLY WATER PROOF – The IP67 rating makes it a good lighting solution for outdoor settings DURABLE – It is designed to last for long periods of time because its stainless steel composition makes it rust-resistant FUNCTIONAL – It produces a 3000K warm light that gives you a cozy and relaxing feeling while strolling outside your house Specifications: Height: 500mm Body Diameter: 76mm Mounting Plate Diameter: 110mm Weight: 1.40KG LED Chip Type: 2835 Kelvin: 3000K Lumens: 620LM Wattage: 6W IP rating: IP67 To maintain the IP rating please use circular cable in junction For parallel and single connection, we recommend using an appropriate IP68 connector (CLA Connector: CONN001 & CONN002) Input voltage range: 12-14V AC/DC 50/60Hz Bollard Design: Round Material: 316 Stainless Steel Finish: Stainless Steel Mounting: Solid surface such as a concrete path or sturdy timber decking Cable Length: 47mm CRI: 75 Ambient Temp: -40 to 85 degrees Celsius Beam Angle: 120 degrees Lifetime: 40,000 hours Not suitable for dimming Not suitable for 2-way switching Bollard lights cannot be used inground