Traditional locking pliers and clamps require two hands to adjust the jaw opening for each task; LOCKJAW™ Self-Adjusting Locking Pliers and Clamps patented Set & Forget™ pressure control screw locking mechanism allows the jaws to automatically adjust to any size object for simple one-handed operation.
Whether grabbing something thick or something thin, LOCKJAW™ Self-Adjusting Locking Pliers and Clamps make jobs faster and easier.
Features LOCKJAW™ curved jaw pliers are innovative, heavy duty and time saving tools, built for professionals Jaws locks automatically with highest tip pressure without needing adjustments Chrome Vanadium steel for durability and rust prevention Set and Forget™ pressure control sets desired clamp pressure from slight to extreme 15% thinner handle for easier grip and more power No pinch easy squeeze release lever stays locked until you release it Specifications Jaw: 225mm Welding Clamp