Features Powerful citrus based concentrate, with pleasant aroma Quick break degreaser – safe for all wash down bays Does not affect pH Cleans stainless steel and aluminium without streaking Safe for use on electrical components and for the removal of carbonisation of electric motors and rewinds Biodegradable and sustainable, naturally sourced active ingredient Dilute with water for desired strength Non conductive to 22kV Applications Ideal for removing waxes, adhesives, glues, lanolin, fats, grease, oils, carbon, acrylic paint overspray, thread dope, bugs, tar and uncured silicone Suitable for machinery and plant cleaner, for use around workshops and wash bays, pet stables, toilets, bathrooms, BBQ’s, tiles, ovens, catering and workshop floors Specifications Complies with AQIS and NZFSA standards . Hazardous: NON HAZARDOUS. Size: 5L Container. Unit: EACH.