Kranzle Quadro KQ1000TST Three Phase Electric Pressure Washer, 3190PSI, Pack. Made in Germany, 2 year commercial warranty,Ā 10 year warranty on brass pump head. This ā€˜top of the rangeā€™ cold water unit is designed to handle heavy duty industrial cleaning applications with ease! Rated for 3190psi working pressure, (equivalent to 5400psi with Turbo-Killer nozzle), and a maximum water flow of 16 litres per minute. Includes 20m high pressure hose on the built-in hose reel. Latest technology means that this machine yields 30% more cleaning power at the gun than previous models! Ideal for truck wash bays, food processing plants, wineries and numerous other applications.Ā A top performing 3 phase commercial pressure washer.Ā  Features and Equipment: High pressure detergent Safety cut-out Steel braided high pressure hose on reel 20 m Water tank Trigger gun with safety catch ‘Midi’ Turbokiller lance with stainless steel pipe Fan-jet lance with stainless steel pipe Park Brake Ā  Powershot Heavy duty 21” (530mm) surface cleaner to suit PS4200HD. A Surface Cleaner is your best mate for cleaning large, flat surface areas. This tool creates effective, shorter working times, enormous energy savings & a long useful machine life due to high quality. It can be used on Decks, Patios, Concrete Floors, Footpaths, Driveways, Pool Decks, Parking Lots, Factory/Workshop Floors & any other Horizontal Flat Surface. Suitable for machines 3000psi and 15L/min or greater. Designed for use with the PS4200HD. These rotary cleaners make quick work of cleaning tasks on footpaths, forecourts and car parking areas. Ā  Ā