Kranzle Floor Cleaning Appliance Round Cleaner The PowerBlast ‘Round Cleaners’ are the obvious choice for fast cleaning of large flat surfaces. Two rapidly rotating high pressure nozzles thoroughly clean a broad range of surfaces from driveways to paved areas, and from walls to dairy floors. When in use, the brush ring serves as protection from the nozzle spray. Even though the ‘Round Cleaners’ have been specifically designed to suit Kranzle High Pressure Cleaners, adaption kits are available to connect to any brand of high pressure cleaner. The Kranzle ‘Round Cleaners’ are easy to handle and, as with all PowerBlast products, are made of quality materials – brass and stainless steel – and requires practically no servicing. Nozzled to suit 045 as standard – specify your pressure cleaner model with pressure and flow rate to have it correctly nozzled.