Kohler 440 kVA Volvo Three Phase Diesel Generator, 1 year warranty. Since 1920’s, Kohler Co. became one of the world’s leading manufacturers of generators. They specifically design generators to suit every application to give to their clients a solution that suits their needs. The KV440 is a 440 kVA generator which can be equipped with an optional automatic transfer switch to detect power outage and then turn on automatically. The standby application is a backup solution which will be installed to ensure that in the event of a power outage your home or business will keep running. Rest assured that your KOHLER generator will work when you need it the most. Features: The generator set and its components are prototype-tested, factory-built, and production-tested. A one-year limited warranty covers all systems and components. Electronic governor. Mechanically welded chassis with antivibration suspension. Main line circuit breaker. Radiator for core temperature of 48/50°C max with mechanical fan. Charger DC starting battery with electrolyte. Delivered with oil and coolant -30°C. Manual for use and installation. Why Buy KOHLER Generators? Unwavering reputation Kohler has earned a global reputation as a pure power expert for more than 90 years. Every part is built to perform in the most demanding environments before they are shipped out. KOHLER power systems are suited to nearly every application, powering anything from gas stations to hotels and hospitals, as well as military operations and airports. Unmatched Security They have an unmatched response time to utility power fail. KOHLER Standby generators turn on automatically within minutes of detecting a power outage. Quiet Convenience These machines are surprisingly quiet for a generator, even while powering an entire business or home. When standing 7 metres away, the generator will offer as much sound as an air conditioner unit. KOHLER generators can run using natural gas, delivering power for as long as needed without re-fuelling.