Description Whether you are laying a new fence or need to repair an existing one, the ‘IMPROVED’ Kincrome Post Hole Digger (Part No.
K16035) is ideal for digging holes over Spring and Summer.
This upgraded model is EPA Approved and includes an upgraded gearbox design.
The recoil start 2-Stroke, 51.7 CC, 1.34KW, (1.8HP) provides enough Power to get the job done.
The direct drive power head delivers high torque performance while drilling holes.
The Post Hole Digger includes ‘butterfly handles’ to provide a safer grip of the auger while in use and a shock absorbing safety spring for additional user safety when drilling.
The Post Hole Digger includes one 150mm tungsten tipped Auger bit with a high carbon steel cutting face & carbon twin vane to suit most applications.
Augers also available separately.
Features EPA Approved Upgraded gearbox design 51.7 CC, 1.3KW, (1.7HP) 2 Stroke motor provides plenty of power to get the job done Direct-drive power head delivers high-torque performance when drilling holes Includes 1 x 150mm tungsten tipped, 65Mn high-carbon steel cutting face & carbon twin vane auger bit Includes 51.7CC Power Head Auger Included: Twin Vane 150mm x 800mm Fuel Mixing Bottle Assorted Spanners Specifications Engine Displacement: 51.7cc Rated Output Power: 1.3kw/1.7HP Fuel tank (3) Capacity: 1.1L Fuel Mixture: Unleaded Petrol + 2-Stroke Oil Fuel/Oil Mix Ratio: 30:1 Engine idle Speed: 3,000 RPM Engine Max.
Speed: 9,200 RPM Auger Speed: 0-300 RPM Engine Max Torque: 2.0 Nm Gearbox Max Torque: 72 Nm Sound Pressure Level (LPA): 95.7 dB(A) Sound Pressure Level (LWA): 107.6 dB(A) Weight: 13.5 kg