Our range of stainless steel mixers are the highest standard – they will perfect your kitchen or laundry.  Their solid 304 grade stainless steel construction, beautiful brushed or polished finish, stunning designs, and internal reliable technology set them as the new defining standard.   We challenge you to find a better kitchen mixer – at any price. Sophisticated styling The Isak is an impressively bold kitchen or laundry mixer and has a unique and striking square design.  The classic pencil handle and cushioned feel of the internal ceramic cartridge mixer make it easy to perfectly adjust the water temperature and flow.  Despite the cubist look the edges are soft and appealing – it is a popular choice when you just want a simple tap, but an impressive design.  Stainless steel: the smart choice Stainless steel is different from chromed brass. It is a harder and more durable metal and far less likely to bend or distort. And it is regarded as highly sanitary as it does not contain lead like a chromed brass faucet can – which is why high-end kitchenware is usually stainless steel.  For the kitchen or laundry, many customers simply prefer the subtle hue of brushed stainless steel finish to the mirror finish of chrome. It is a very low maintenance surface as it does not present finger-prints that mirror surfaces can, and will not scratch or corrode like chrome plated brass can.   Check out the complete SWEDIA™ tap-ware and drinking water purifier range – exclusive in Australia to Renovator Store!