This towel ladder has a very modern design with its curved polished stainless steel bars.
Designed for two hanging standard towels, one above the other.
Compact Design This unit is 530mm wide with 8 crossbars accommodating at least a couple of towels at once! This unit is designed to fit two towels (one on the top four rails and one on the bottom four).
Many towel ladders only have four bars, which is good if only one person uses the bathroom! “Easy Fix” This revolutionary new system is the easiest way of installing a new towel ladder.
(Watch the instruction video here: Key specifications Dimensions: 530mm width; 700mm height; 140mm depth (from wall) Rails: Vertical tubes are 30mm x 30 mm, Horizontal rails are 19mm x 19mm Material: Constructed of mirror polished high grade 304 Stainless Steel Power: Un-Heated