Hoppt Concrete Saw Petrol Honda GX390 – 400mm, 2 year warranty. The Hoppt range of walk behind Concrete Cutters have been engineered for high performance, reliability and durability. Whether cutting concrete or asphalt, the reinforced steel box frame adds the strength necessary to reduce vibration while sawing. All Hoppt’s Concrete cutters come with a durable plastic water tank to increase durability and eliminate the problem of rusting. Features: The high horsepower engine is encased within a protective frame, ensuring maximum durability New and improved control panel interface, giving you an easy to use interface A storage box is located at the rear of the cutter to provide convenient access to work drawings Digital tachometer installed on the panel Durable polycarbonate engine cover to protect the engine from debris and splash, prolonging its lifespan Tilt able water tank providing convenient access to the engine for refuelling or maintenance Carrying hook integrated into the design enabling easy transportation of the cutter