Goal Zero Nomad 7W Plus Solar Panel, 1 Year Warranty Reengineered to be lighter and smarter, the Nomad 7 Plus Monocrystalline Solar Panel has the innovative technology to charge USB devices directly from the sun Detachable kickstand for modularity and power-flow indicator ensure the best solar charging experience Features: Smart Charging for Phones: Charge phones and USB devices directly from the sun Features a dynamic auto-restart and intelligent electronics that optimise output to match the device Solar Intensity Indicator + Junction Box: This is where the brains of the Nomad 7 Plus live Easy-to-read LED indicator displays strength of solar conditions Receive immediate feedback on panel-to-sun placement to improve solar charging experience Rugged and Modular: Detachable kickstand provides optimum angle placement, natural shade for charging devices and a vented pocket for temperature regulation Weatherproof layering easily sloughs rain and snow Auto Restart:  The Nomad 7 Plus features an auto restart that’s smarter than anything else on the market With the ability to track power flow history, the Nomad 7 Plus knows the difference between a device that has reached a fully charged state and one that disconnects due to environmental causes, ie lack of sunlight, shadow, etc When the latter is detected, the Nomad 7 Plus will automatically reconnect the charging device, no extra work on your part is needed Product Charge Time From The Nomad 7 Plus: Product:  Charge Time: Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus     25 – 5 Hours Goal Zero Flip 20 5 – 10 Hours Goal Zero Venture 30 8 – 16 Hours