GIANTZ 1800W Multi-Stage Pump w/ Automatic Pressure Controller Suitable for household gardens or farming, this impressive multi-stage pressure pump is your reliable working partner.
With its abundance of great, powerful specifications and features, it was designed to supply a constant and stable pressure solution.
Strong 1800W motor power, massive flow rate, stainless steel pump body and anti-corrosive housing, it's packed with every feature that makes it perfect.
Everything is made easy where it automatically turns on/off on open/closing of any tap.
Buy one today and have the best and most reliable equipment at hand.
Our weight matches quality compared to others offering similar products but are lighter in weight and are made of plastic impellers which are fragile.
So don't be fooled by the cheap models with easy broken plastic impellers on the market, ensure to confirm before you buy! Our pump has Professional Grade Stainless Steel on the Body, Motor Housing, Shaft and Impellers.
Our Multi-stage pump surpasses all the cheap models on the market in terms of Performance and Durability! While having higher watts pump will pump up plenty of water, it will also pump up your electric bills! Using our 1800 watts pump, it is cheaper to run and will still supply plenty of water.
Features Powerful self-priming multi stage pump Superior stainless steel impellers for long life use Forced air cooling motor 100% duty cycle – designed for continuous operation Fully automatic operation – electronic on/off controller Premium quality stainless steel pump body with cast iron ends Rust-resistant coated motor housing Built-in dry run and thermal protection switch Automatic on/off pressure controller with adjustable starting up pressure Full copper motor – more stable performance and lower energy consumption SAA approved power plug and cord CE/TUV/GS certified Automatic Pressure Controller: Automatic electronic water pressure controller Maintains stable water pressure and flow Provides steady performance of the pump Requires low maintenance Light indication for operation Convenient connection design SAA certified plug and socket Suitable for jet pumps, garden pumps and water pumps Specifications: Pump: Material: Stainless steel Shaft material: Stainless steel Impeller material: Stainless steel Motor housing material: Aluminium Mechanical seal material: Ceramic / carbon Voltage: 240V Frequency: 50Hz Motor power: 1800W, 2.5HP Duty cycle: Continuous Max.
pumping height: 58m Max.
flow rate: 12600L/hr, 210L/min Suction height: 9m Inlet/Outlet Size: 25mm Protection class: IP44 Controller: Voltage: 220/240V Frequency: 50/60Hz Maximum current: 10A Maximum water temperature: 60 degrees Maximum working bar pressure: 10 bar Protection grade: IP65 Inlet and outlet size: 1"(25mm) Dimensions: 22 x 12.4 x 17cm Colour: Yellow Package Content 1 x Multi Stage Pump 1 x Automatic Pressure Controller 1 Set x Assemble accessories 1 x User manual