The Fluid 900mm Single Towel Rail is a beautiful and high quality addition to your bathroom.
Made solely from stainless steel it is more durable, feels better and is more water resistant and will keep it’s matte black finish better than brass towel rails.
Fluid and Modern in design The 900mm Fluid Stainless Steel Single Towel Rail boasts a modern fluid design that makes it compact and durable yet simplistically beautiful.
With a high quality Matte Black finish and strong stainless steel design makes it a perfect addition to your bathroom.
Features Sturdy: This towel rail has dual anchor points at each end so that your rail will firmly affix to the wall and stay solid for the long term Durable Stainless Steel: Stainless Steel is much harder and durable metal than brass and far less likely to bend or distort Rust resistant: Stainless Steel in rust and corrosion resistant perfect for a humid and wet bathroom environment More environmentally friendly than brass bathroom towel rails which require a incredibly pollutive chrome plating process.
Fluid design: Absent of any visible join lines for a high quality finish and look Specifications: Length: 900mm Depth: 70mm Height: 27mm No logo’s or etching on the products surface Material: 100% 304 Grade Stainless Steel Finish: Matte Black Warranty: 5 Years