Enerdrive cable Kit 70mm2 x 1500mm POS & NEG to suit Enerdrive DIY Boards, Canopy Systems & Pro Series Systems Important notes depending on your system: Enerdrive eSYSTEM / DIY Board: If you have or are purchasing a 2000W inverter with your eSYSTEM / DIY Board, you will need to purchase 2 of these cables (one for battery to board and another one for board to inverter) Choose 1m (1000mm) or 15m (1500mm) depending on how far away you mount the inverter from the board Tech tip: mount the inverter as close to the board as possible! If you are not choosing an inverter, you will only need one cable (battery to board) Enerdrive Pro Series (White Lithium Box): If you are purchasing the Enerdrive Pro Series (white Lithium Box) , you will receive one of these sets cables included in the purchase Therefore, for an inverter purchase, you will only need to purchase one of these sets of cables