Specificationcolor GreenFrequency range FM 76108 MHzUsage homeoffice outdoor travel emergency disaster reliefSize 14CM x 8CM x 3.5CMWeight 229gSiren 90dBnbspMultiple charging methods- Hand-crank power generation in case of power failure or emergency the radio can use hand-crank power generation.
Solar charging you can choose to use solar charging when camping in the wild or basking in the sun in the yard during the day.
5V Micro USB charging.
Battery powered you can buy three AAA dry batteries this product does not include AAA dry batteries the product has a built-in 500mAh rechargeable lithium battery.AMFM radio- AM has a greater reception range than FM shortwave radio keeping you up to date on the latest weather such as earthquakes hurricanes tornadoes and severe storms.
While FM can receive entertainment sports talk shows and news more clearly.
When using AMFM please swing the antenna and adjust carefully.
Please ensure that the local radio signal is good and the receiving environment is good parking lots basements high-rise buildings forests remote areas strong magnetic fields etc.
will affect radio receptionMultifunction- This radio not only has FMAM radio function but also supports LED lights SOS alarm and 4 charging methods in addition to that it can also charge mobile phones through the USB port which is an indispensable tool in emergency situations.Portable Radio- Only 15.795.5cm 279g.
The compact and portable design allows you to take it with you wherever you go.
You can put it in your bag or in the car.Note- When not in use for a long time please set the switch to “battery”.
And regularly charge the built-in lithium battery to ensure the service life of the built-in lithium battery.nbsp