This ELITE stainless steel cupboard or overhead dish rack is a popular fixture for overhead kitchen cupboards in Europe.
The latest in storage design for modern kitchens.
Whether you are installing in a new kitchen, or updating your old kitchen – it is the storage solution you have been looking for.
The top shelf holds up to 20kg of plates stacked vertically, and the bottom shelf holds up to 20kg of other crockery items.
The bottom shelf includes a slide-out drip tray so your dishes can be stored away wet! Practical Dishes are stored dry or wet vertically in the upper rack, or stacked on the lower rack with drip tray.
Therefore you do not have to drip dry dishes on the bench – saving you valuable bench space and time re-packing.
It is a perfect innovation for compact kitchens, and a great way to maintain that minimalist clutter-free look.
Pack away your wet dishes and close the cupboard.
Your crockery will be clearly arranged and more accessible.
Forget having to reach for the top dish on a stack, and use all dishes more uniformly rather than just the top few in a stack.
ELITE specialises in kitchen storage hardware.
It provides functionality, organisation, class and style for today’s modern kitchen.
Organising your kitchen has never been so easy – and organisation is the secret to a workable cooking environment, a clear bench-top, and a minimalist kitchen exterior.
The modern designs of the ELITE kitchen storage hardware range maximise the utilisation of space and provides convenient access through innovative pull-out mechanisms.
The ELITE range is made with quality materials including stainless steel for durability, strength and easy cleaning.
Ball-bearing runners and soft-close pull-outs are standard inclusions rather than expensive options.
Get an organised kitchen – get an ELITE Kitchen! Features Durable polished stainless steel Solid mounting fixtures – each shelf can hold up to 20kg (dependent on weight capability of cupboard) Designed for a 900mm standard cabinet width – spring mounted mounting fixtures give some width flexibility (suits internal cupboard width of 840mm to 880mm).
Product dimensions: Width to suit 840mm to 880mm internal cupboard width; Depth 240mm Each shelf can be poistioned at your preferred height Two shelves The upper shelf is for storing plates vertically – wet or dry.
You will be amazed how much more you can fit in a cupboard space using this system – and it is more accessible and safe.
The lower shelf can store all sorts of crockery such as plates, cups and saucers.
A slide out drip tray will capture any dripping water so you can dispose of it later.
Adjustable installation The sturdy spring adjustable mounting supports are pushed out by an internal spring.
They accommodate internal cupboard wodths from 840mm to 880mm.
Once the four supports are mounted each shelf can support up to 20kg (dependent on cupoard weight capability) Warranty 5 year manufacturer warranty against manufacturing faults.
Conditions apply – see product documentation and Returns and Warranties Policy.
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