Dometic RUC 8408X Compressor Fridge & Freezer 224L, 3 year warranty The Dometic RUC model is an upright compressor refrigerator that features a narrow cabinet design that allows for greater flexibility in the kitchen area of recreational vehicles without compromising on storage volume, making service hassle-free since the refrigerator fits through the RV door The built-in control panel has smart technology and is very easy to use it even has a built-in service mode that will perform a simple diagnosis if required The Dometic RUC8408X refrigerator has undergone extensive research and development with the result being the most refined RV refrigerator on the market At the centre of the Dometic RUC8408Xs design is its tall and narrow cabinet, which allows for greater flexibility in the kitchen area without compromising on storage volume Due to the smaller footprint, the installation of the refrigerator is hassle-free, the service process for the Dometic RUC8408X refrigerator has also been streamlined, the result being that rather than removing windows to access the refrigerator, the RUC8408X refrigerator can be easily fit through the entrance door of your RV if required Features: Narrow design with slim footprint – easy to install T-rated cooling system Control panel with intuitive colour TFT display Interior LED lighting and audible alarm Reversible door hinges Fully adjustable wire shelves with included shelf guards Full-width crisper with humidity control Generous storage capacity of 216 l Dimensions: 550 x 1657 x 677 mm Narrow cabinet design with slim footprint T-rated cooling system ensures excellent cooling performance in all conditions Automatic switching from DC to AC power when AC mains is available Easy-to-use control panel with colour TFT display Adjustable shelves and door bins The stylish control panel is intuitive and easy to use The control panel allows users to select the interior compartment temperature, power source, and a variety of pre-set modes; including performance, silent and power-save Users can simply click and turn the selection wheel to navigate through the settings on the TFT colour display The control panel also features a built-in service mode that creates simple diagnostics if required Reliable refrigeration performance Built-in circulation fans ensure that food and beverages are cooled quickly Full-width crisper with humidity control for fruit and vegetables Freezer and refrigerator doors include shelving The Dometic RUC refrigerator is the way to go when seeking to maximise your kitchen area without compromising on storage volume This is owing to its revolutionary designed tall and narrow cabinet The RUC model also features a range of innovative storage compartments, such as a full-width crisper with humidity control, which will keep fruits and vegetables in the perfect environment throughout your entire trip The bottom shelf can also be lowered at the back to securely store bottles and cans, and if this isnt enough storage for all your drinks the refrigerator doors include shelving, giving you that extra storage The Dometic RUC refrigerators provide the reliable refrigeration performance that the RV market has come to expect from Dometic refrigerators The T-rated cooling system ensures excellent performance in both high and low ambient temperatures, making the RUC refrigerator an excellent choice for all conditions The built-in control panel is intuitive and easy to