The specifications of Digihaus cables are guaranteed to be exact.
When purchasing in-wall cables, it is best to not compromise.
Quality Gauge Home Audio Speaker Cable PURE OFC – Comes with two 99.9% oxygen-free copper 14AWG conductors.
Assures you that you can leave it on your wall and expect the best performance on your speakers.
PREMIUM – 16AWG is regarded as suitable for most domestic home theatre setups.
The thicker 14AWG and 12AWG cables are recommended by Digihaus for lower impedance speakers and longer distances.
ROHS COMPLIANT – Fully RoHS certified, meaning the manufacturing process is entirely environmentally friendly.
DESIGNED FOR IN-WALL – The heavy duty easy slide PVC jacket and internal rip cord help protect the internal conductors from stretching, tears or accidental damage HIGH VISIBILITY – The super bright orange colour ensures that it is highly visible when installing in your walls and ceilings.
Electricians will know to keep their other cables away.
FIRE RETARDANT – The PVC compound used in the jacket and conductor insulation is fire retardant.
Has a high temperature and combustion resistance, and low smoke and toxicity.
Specifications Length: 50m Diameter: 7mm Conductor Gauge: 14 AWG Conductor: 99.9% pure oxygen free copper Strands: 2 x 105 0.16 BC (Bare copper) Insulation: 1 x black, 1 x red Jacket: High visibility durable PVC (Bright orange) Rip Cord?: Yes Fire Retardant?: Yes ROHS: Certified Manufacturer Warranty: 10 years