Boiling is just the beginning with the excellent range of Jetboil gear! You rise before it shines and never fears a headlamp-lit path. Hikes aren't just reserved for sunny weekends and you're not travelling because of wanderlust. No, for Jetheads, adventure is so much more. Aching legs and sore feet be damned, you're on a mission! A mission to trek farther, climb higher, surf longer and dig deeper. After a weary, protein bar-filled day on the trail, Jetboil knows how good a sunset dinner tastes. Jetboil also believes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That's why Jetboil obsessively engineer and meticulous design their products to boil faster, endure more and give you the ultimate backcountry cooking versatility. So whether you're cheffing up to a full spread using the Jetboil skillet, or rapidly boiling water for morning joe, trust the Jetboil stoves that are field-tested and approved by Jetheads everywhere! Regulated valves open up the potential for gourmet cooking and expand cold-weather capability. Jetboil's regulated valve is the most advanced in the backcountry, enabling as little as two-minute boils and complete fuel flow control for simmering sauces or gently sauteing your favourite recipes from home! The Jetboil Sumo System provides ultimate power and performance in one unit! With the Jetboil Sumo, bigger is better. The Jetboil Sumo integrates uncompromised cooking performance for the whole group with a higher capacity cup to help fuel your team's adventure. Packed with the same proprietary regulator technology for unbeatable simmer control and reliable cold-weather performance down to -6C. Jetboil regulated stoves allow four full turns of the spindle for incremental adjustment of fuel flow with consistent heat output from a light simmer, all the way to rolling boil. That translates to perfectly cooked eggs, golden-brown grilled cheese, steamed grains or boiling water for coffee! Fuel efficiency is top of the class – even at high elevations and in cold temperatures. PLEASE NOTE: The gas canister is not included.