The Baumr-AG BTS90 Tile Saw is ideal for contractors or serious DIYers. A full-featured saw that allows you to cut large format tiles with minimal effort, less mess and more versatility. The tough 800W motor is mounted on ball-bearing carriage for smooth and accurate cutting.

The BTS90 offers a pivoting rail for easy miter cuts, a rip/angle cutting guide for doing faster multiple cuts. This portable saw is easy to transport from the truck to the work site and within the work site. This full sized saw allows you to cut large tiles up to 520mm.

The BTS90 comes complete with an 8″ diamond blade, a high quality blade that is especially designed for very fast, chip- and wobble-free cutting of hard tiles such as porcelain, marble and granite. Blade life is maximised by the water feed wet-cutting system delivered  by a high-volume pump in the undertray reservoir.

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