Nothing beats hydraulic log-splitters when it comes to saving time and elbow grease. But oil leakages can be a major issue in some models, potentially ruining the motor permanently. Fortunately, thanks to its patented Sure-Sealâ„¢ system, that’s not the case with the Baumr-AG. With a triple-reinforced splitting head and an oversize 58mm hydraulic cylinder, it will literally keep you stoked year after year. And with this limited-edition black-series model, you will also enjoy an ultra-reinforced frame, larger working bed and oversize guards for the ultimate durability. So, order your Baumr-AG today and you will see that preparing firewood doesn’t have to be dull – on the contrary; it can be side-splitting.

Some sellers say “9-tonne splitting force”, which can often really mean “7-tonne splitting force”. We like to keep it straightforward, so when we say that your Baumr-AG produces a “7-tonne splitting force” we actually mean it, backed by our genuine testing. And that is about equivalent to the force of a strong man chopping wood with a block axe – plenty enough for household needs. See below for our full range of more powerful splitters.

Your Baumr-AG gives you the power previously only offered by petrol and diesel models – and without the toxic fumes, of course. Safety is the number one priority. Consequently, your Baumr-AG also features dual redundancy operation (that is, you need to keep both hands away from the splitting head in order to activate it).

Lastly, a log-splitter shouldn’t have to be treated with velvet gloves. Your Baumr-AG surely doesn’t. Featuring a solid steel frame and a triple-reinforced splitting head, it’s built to last the distance in extreme working conditions. And with a superior filtration system, you won’t even have to change oil as often as with other models. So get the tool that truly makes the cut and order your Baumr-AG today!