Baintech 150Ah Standard Power Compact Lithium Battery with Built in 20 Amp Smart Alternator DC-DC Charger, 5 Year Warranty Baintech has launched a new 150Ah Lithium Battery with In-built DC-DC Charger and DC-DC reverse switch to charge your starter battery from your lithium battery Providing 100A of continuous discharge; parallel to provide higher power requirements Features: In-built 20A DC-DC Charger 150Ah Capacity Compact size : (LxDxH) 265 x 163 x 240 Australian Engineered 5-year warranty Reverse switch to charge starter battery Lightweight 14kg Prismatic lithium iron phosphate cells Other features of the DC-DC charger include: Direction Switch This switch provides the ability to reverse the DC charge direction (Out) so that the lithium battery can be used to charge a flat vehicle start battery The normal charge direction (In) uses the vehicle alternator to charge the lithium battery via the start battery Note – this feature is not intended to ‘jump start’ the starter battery It is a controlled charge (at the selected current based on the switch, 10A or 20A) So, you might need to wait for 30-60 minutes before the start battery is sufficiently charged to crank the vehicle engine, depending on how flat the start battery is External Shunt Switch An external shunt can be applied across the two (2) black negative terminals to measure current in and out of the battery for accurate state of charge measurement, including charge current from the built-in DC-DC charger If an external shunt is applied, select Yes If there is no external shunt applied (which is the default case) select No This connects the 2 black negative terminals together internally