Ask any serious bodybuilder; free weights are hands-down the best tools for increasing your strength and muscle mass.
They open up a huge range of exercises and, as opposed to machines, and engage a lot of additional muscle groups to keep the balance.

Each muscle group requires a different weight, and with your Ativafit® dumbbell, you can select just the right amount in seconds.
You can literally put progress on speed dial.
Simply twist the secure lock-in dials and select the desired weight within seconds.
Any remaining weights will be left in the base plate.

At a maximum of 40kg this is one of the heaviest quick adjust dumbbells available.
Giving you the versatility of a massive 12 sets of standard dumbbells, your Ativafit® set saves you a huge amount on the initial outlay cost as well as being much more compact to store! 

With superior design and build quality, it should come as no surprise that Ativafit® are leaders in the U.
While other adjustable dumbbell models have a plastic locking system, Ativafit® utilises a secure high-tensile steel design.
Comfortable and secure grip control is provided by the contoured soft grip handle design.
Make the home of fitness yours today!

Ativafit® – Better You.