It’s easy to see why airless paint-spraying has become so popular. Quick and effortless, it generates a uniform, thick and wet coating that penetrates pits and crevices like no other, making for excellent adhesion and flow-out. And with your powerful Unimac, you can really make the most of the benefits. So, if you’ve had enough brushes with traditional backbreaking painting, get into a more comfortable future and order your Unimac airless paint-sprayer today!

Stop struggling with brushes and rollers and get your painting done in no time with the Unimac Airless Paint Sprayer. Featuring a powerful motor, it will turn hours of toil into minutes of fun. It’s the professional’s solution to virtually any larger job, compatible with acrylic emulsion, acrylic, alkyd, enamel and water soluble paint. And since it’s fully portable, there are no limits for how far it can take you.

Simply drop the inlet hose into your paint container and start her up. With integrated inbuilt filters, you Unimac will ensure that you get a clean shot every time, and with the three included nozzles, you can always select just the right level of atomisation. It really is that straightforward.

So, pull the trigger on the new way of painting and order your Unimac today!