The NEW Baumr-AG Shelf-Tek Adjustable Work Bench provides the ideal surface and space for all kinds of tasks.  It features two adjustable platforms that can be lowered or raised to suit the job at hand and have a combined 600 kg total load capacity.  Its solid ½ inch MDF surface is perfect for absorbing the many impacts and abrasions that typically occur from working with tools.  When years of bumps, cuts and knocks eventually cause the surface area to lose its smooth finish, simply flip it over to get that brand new work surface again.  The gauge steel lower platform acts as a sturdy shelf space so all necessary equipment can be kept at arm’s reach.  For added convenience, these work surfaces can also be swapped around if either platform is better suited to a particular task, such as wet work on the metal surface. 

The Shelf-Tek adjustable work bench is truly versatile in its applications.  From DIY activities, repairs, gardening, laundry, outdoor cooking and anything in between, this heavy duty 2 meter work surface is built to help you accomplish a wide range of jobs and hobbies.  Its lightweight structure allows it to be easily relocated into different areas around the home.  But if you do want to fix it to the one spot, its bolt uprights allow you to set it firmly in place.  The quality of this work bench is really shown through its premium powder coated finish and clean, secure welds.  It has all the benefits of a durable wooden bench-top, with the added value that comes with a lightweight metal frame and lower shelving.  So whether it’s time to get to work or time for play, your first step is to get yourself a NEW Baumr-AG Shelf-Tek Adjustable Work Bench today!