The Baumr-AG 22 Bin Storage Rack is the ultimate solution to your organising and storage challenges. With 22 heavy duty bins and an ultra-durable frame, it’s great for organising small parts and hardware in the home, workshop or garage. The bins come in various sizes, giving you versatility in holding all kinds of parts including screws, nuts, bolts and brackets. This unit also features a magnetic strip on its frame for conveniently holding frequently used tools.


Built with a 5 level design, the Baumr-AG 22 Bin Storage Rack features 4 removable lockable casters making it easy to move around a workshop. This mobile and robust unit comes with handy label slots, helping you identify and locate items quickly, saving you precious time.

Order the Baumr-AG 22 Bin Storage Rack today – the perfect answer to all your storage needs.