Create a clean audio setup in your home with our 6-inch Ceiling Speaker.
Embedding speakers onto the ceiling allows you to hide all the messy wiring and the body of the speaker for a setup that looks clean, sleek and professional.
And installation is easy and quick: simply cut a hole in the ceiling with a diameter of 193mm, then insert the speaker into the hole until the retaining spring clips snap into place at the back of the ceiling.
No screws required.
The speaker is also powerful at 80W per unit with a frequency range of 90-16k Hz.
The premium ABS enclosure is not only eco-friendly but durable for longlasting use.
So create your own home theatre with our ceiling speaker and enjoy the superbly realistic surround sound.
Features Quality 6″ ceiling speakers ABS enclosure Metal cover One voice coil Two retaining clips Space-saving design Easy installation