The Milwaukee Kango Jack Hammer 950 is used for similar applications as the 900 model, but can also drill holes up to 150mm (using a core bit). Built with a specialised safety clutch, the Kango Jack Hammer comes with AVS (Anti Vibration System) and a Softgrip handle to reduce vibration to the user. The Kango Jack Hammer comes standard with a Case, Additional front handle, Auxiliary straight handle, Dust shield and grease. Features Safety Clutch Electric with variable speed Idling speed reduction Soft start speed dial Lock-on function Cut-off carbon brushes Softgrip handle Anti Vibration System Applications Cutting / Breaking concrete, masonry, brick and asphalt Chasing walls for pipe work Floor cleaning / scraping (remove plaster, mortar or heavy deposits of waste from hard floors). Stripping roofing felt. Tamping concrete, ballast or soil Vibrating Dry packing Digging out frozen ground, clay, chalk, shingle for foundations, graves, etc. Driving earthing electrodes Drilling with TCT core (up to 150mm), drills holes for PVC conduit, air conditioning vents, dryer vents, pipes for gas, water, heating, furnace exhaust, effluent outflow, drainage Drilling with Solid Bits (28-50mm) holes for large anchors, railings, rebar, cables, stitch drilling Drilling with Tunnel Bits (up to 80mm) Industry Concrete Cutters Contractors Builders Renovators Landscapers